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JAPAN “SPOT” Desk Top Type( MINI ) Fully Automatic
JAPAN "SPOT" Automatic Strapping Machine
JAPAN “UCHIDA” Bundling Machine
Switzerland “ATS” Banding Machine
Banding / Strapping machine「special」TAPE
Special made strapping tape for SPOT machine
JAPAN “SPOT” Desk Top Type( MINI ) Fully Automatic
Small Circular Automatic strapping machine
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Product description:

Newest Type with PLC and fit in with CE standard
Equipment:PLC(Programmable Logic Controller)、SSR(Solid State Relay)、Noise Filter、Conductive plastic Arch.
Match up – Japanese made Color Soft PP Strapping Band & transparent QQ elasticity band.  

Machine imported from Japan.
Desk Top Type, small size occupies small space.
Shortly warming time: Machine is ready to operate within from 15 to 30 seconds after turning switch on.
Motor is automatically activated before each operation thus saving electricity.
Odor removable : Bad odor is cleared by deodorizing equipment. 
Heater plate temperature need not be adjusted.
Tension adjustable: Max 10kgs, with Japanese made Color Soft PP Strapping Band & transparent QQ elasticity band. 
Save electricity in 135W、low sound volume in 70dBA、Simply maintenance, machine life can get as high as 10 years.
Auto feeding with special backrush strap system to let strap stay in the arch.
Additional install the customized stopper.
Bill、Electric wire、Name cards box、small package article and so on ….
Machine can be used for strapping of Max. 17cm circular articles and Min. 2.5cm bouquet.
Tension Strength:the Max is 12kgs.
Sealing method:welding by hot plate.
Strapping speed:19 bundle/Min.
Power:AC 100V / 110V / Special made 220V、240V   50/60Hz.
Electrical Component:Motor 25W x 2sets
Weight :20kgs.
Machine size:Please refer below picture.

Arch size 180 (W) x 180 (H) mm


DESIGN BY 光影數位科技